Consult the basic and obligatory rules for accessing the campsite and to guarantee the correct behaviour of all users.



The check-in and access to the accommodations start from 5:00 PM on the day of your arrival.


A signed document with the details of a credit or debit card will be requested as a deposit.


Cars, tables, chairs, etc. They do not occupy a camping plot. Only caravans, caravans and tents can occupy it (only one tent, caravan or car can be placed). It is recommended to bring an extension cord with grounding.


In order to access as a visitor, the contract holder must go up to the entrance gate to receive the visitors. They must access by making a contract and paying the corresponding visitor fee for the season.


On days when our facilities reach full capacity, access is not allowed under any circumstances.


We have a contact for renting refrigerators. Refrigerators are only allowed in Camping areas.
The rental of refrigerators in the accommodations is not allowed, guests will have access to the refrigerator provided in the accommodation.


In Zone C, plots for shops and food carts, from 11th to 17th Street.


Pets are allowed.
It is necessary to present an up-to-date vaccination card and the owner’s ID card.


Persons over 16 years of age must present their ID card when entering the campsite.


The entry of vehicles not approved for camping is prohibited, as well as the entry of industrial vehicles and mixed vehicles.


The Property is not responsible for damages caused by customers, losses, thefts or accidents within the Camping facilities.


Dog ownership. A dog ownership training course must be accredited, as well as having in force a civil liability insurance for damages to third parties, which includes in its coverage the persons responsible for the animal. More information in Article 30 of the BOE.


It is not allowed to make any type of fire (including barbecues) between June 1 and October 15.